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If youʼre reading this, thereʼs a high chance that youʼve thought long and hard about building your own iPhone apps and/or Android apps.

You might have a ton of ideas, but little knowledge on how to bring them to life, or youʼre worried that your lack of development experience will keep you from being a profitable developer.

You arenʼt alone - trust me on that. Tons of people are thinking the same thing, but as youʼll come to find, very few are actually doing something about it.

This is why you, as an action taker, have the advantage over the other dreamers, youʼre looking for clearly defined linear action steps. We dig it, and if you keep reading, I think youʼll find them on this page.

People are "Making It" in the iPhone Game

Youʼve probably heard the stories - people making several thousand dollars per month, some making six figures, developing iPhone games and applications, all without any prior development experience.

Youʼre thinking, just like I was a year ago - "that could be me!"

And youʼre right, it could be you. You just need to find that person to teach you how to do it.

Even though I had a friend to help me get started, I still faced a gruelling 12 months of learning things the hard way, including blowing several thousand dollars on bad code and apps that never made a penny. I donʼt know about you, but Iʼm not a big fan of just throwing money down the toilet.

And thatʼs the issue youʼll face as a new developer - spending your money in a way that nets you a return so that you can spend more, rather than waste more. For many new developers, the opposite occurs, and they are out of the game before it begins. Looking back, if only I had a game design document to help me get started, I could have avoided all of that heartache.


TOPTricks that Save You Time and Money

Learn How To Get Started Quickly (Right Now)

Youʼve probably read the books that help you get started, and those are great, but thereʼs a problem there too.

They get you all pumped up and ready to go, but then youʼre left wondering about the rest, such as:

  • Where to find good freelancers
  • How to interview and hire them
  • How to keep from getting scammed
  • How to convey your ideas properly so your app meets your expectations

These are "real" problems that all new developers face, and though you can overcome them, itʼs not as easy as it sounds. The easy part is choosing to get started. Itʼs the stuff that comes after thatʼs the real sticking point for most people.

The thing you are missing is not the willpower, drive, and determination, but the ability to find and hire good developers, understand how to explain your game ideas in a way that makes sense to them, and get your iPhone games built without getting taken for a ride.

Sites like Elance and oDesk look great, but despite what youʼve read or heard, itʼs not as easy as 1, 2, 3. To use them effectively, you need to know how to craft a decent proposal, using a good headline, and even better job description.

From there, it gets worse. Suppose you do find and hire a developer to build your iPhone game. Heʼs going to ask for details, and a lot of them at that.

Youʼll need to know how to present a game design document that clearly explains what you expect from your game, and furthermore, you will need to present a set of mockups to help him get there.

Now, donʼt get me wrong...these things arenʼt difficult to create, but unless you have development, user experience, and interface design experience, then you should plan on a steep learning curve.


This is where we can help

With our premium game design documents, you will learn how to identify and work through the steps necessary to create amazing mobile games.

  1. Craft a proposal that investors will drool over.
  2. Submit a great job posting on freelance websites.
  3. Build a game design document that will ensure your developer builds your game the way you have imagined it.
  4. Examples of mockups and game state diagrams to help you slice the learning curve in half.


TOPInvaluable Resources At Your Command

Learn the Business

Wondering whether you should implement advertising banners in your app? Have you thought about achievements? What about in app purchase?

With the Game Design Template, youʼll get all of that and more:

  • Identify the major ad networks, and learn their strong suits
  • How to launch with fists of fury using our list of marketing resources
  • Understand push notifications
  • Using achievements to implement an addicting game layer on top of your game.
  • Our favourite sites for design and UI inspiration
  • Find great music and cheap stock photos
  • Great list of resources for learning even more about the development process.

Leapfrog the Competition

When it comes right down to it, weʼve created a bulletproof pack of resources to help you build a game right the first time, which in turn will place you light years ahead of your developer competition.


TOPThe Game Design Template Package

Here is what youʼll get:

  • Investor proposal template
  • Game design document
  • Job posting template
  • Resources and references manual
  • Getting started guide
  • Example mockups and game state diagrams from a real iPhone game


TOPAbout The Game Design Template Team

Why Us?

I suppose at this point youʼre wondering who we are, and why you should listen to us, and thatʼs fair.

Weʼve been developing apps for over a year now, and have created a steady stream of passive income as a result.

Our most recent success was the iPhone game Santa Strike, which sold well over 3,000 copies in the first 3 weeks of its December release.

Weʼve used this very system to develop new apps and games each and every month, continually building our portfolio and as a result, our passive income.

In fact, weʼve become so proficient at building iPhone apps and games, that our projects usually earn development costs back in the first month of launch.


It's like Monopoly

Remember the game of Monopoly? Developing mobile apps can be much like that. You start small, and you keep building until you own enough of the board that you'll always be collecting money the entire game. You get enough mobile apps created, and you'll have yourself a constant stream of monopoly money!


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100% Real Use Guarantee

We want you to download the Game Design Template, open it, study it, and use it for your next game project.

If you do that, and find that the Game Design Template did not help you improve the process, then come back and let us know.

Weʼll give you all of your money back. You can even keep the template for good measure.

Itʼs as simple as that.


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The Game Design Template is just $37, and is yours to use as many times as you wish. Youʼll get everything that comes with the package, as well as a lifetime of free updates.

Considering how much youʼll save over the lifetime of your game building career, the Game Design Template is a mere bump in the road. Itʼs like having a roadmap to success.

Now go create amazing games, and when youʼre done, send us the link so we can check them out!

Game Design Template

Snag the whole thing now for just $37
  • Investor proposal template
  • Game design document
  • Job posting template
  • Resources and references manual
  • Getting started guide
  • Example mockups and game state diagrams from a real iPhone game